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Poetry of Horses by Aline van Wijk

For now only available by the author herself..

Poetry of Horses
by Aline van Wijk
72 pages (47 pages in full colour)


Poetry of Horses Epiloque.

“Inspired by the words of a horse friend dear, who once spoke the words: “I believe in your poetry.” Those words brought me to collect some of my work in this small bundle called Poetry of Horses. That is what horses do, they do speak Poetry. Touched by the love of horses on early age, a love that only had grown deeper by the years. Poetry of Horses is part of today’s horse training.”

from the bundle Poetry of Horses by Aline van Wijk

“Poetry of Horses is written with more than one reason. Every poem got room for your own inside to seek. Imagination. Dare to feel! Poetry of Horses also reword the life in an area dusty and dry. Poetry of Horses even can remind some hidden words about the news today. You can find all in the spoken words or maybe a few between the lines unwritten. Poetry of Horses it is..”

March 1968

maart 1968There she stood, the little girl
dreamer girl without fear watching
that beautiful creature in front of her
with wonder she felt the love so pure
pure and open, like a little ballerina
she went closer stretching reaching
the horse touched by that little creature
stretched to reach that pure love
hidden inside a child´s soul
pure love catched in a moment
that only would last forever.

And Poetry of Horses was born…


Price for the book 12,50 euro’s

Shipping costs 2016
Netherlands  1 book 2,92 euro, 2 to 4 books  3,65 euro’s
Europe, Asia, Australia, US 1 book 6,25 euro, 2 to 4 books 11,25 euro’s
(For those in the Netherlands of course picking up one yourself is also a possibility!..)

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Poetry of Horses..



Poetry of Horses is nearly there.. After months of struggle a knight in shining armour came by and offered a helping hand. Where problems with the first printer only became worse and nearly got me to a break down, this one showed me that there were no problems at all..

Beautiful printed.. the colours, just the way it was suppose to be. The long road taken is nearly coming to an end. Last week I received the first proof print on my doormat. Just perfect.. Poetry of Horses proof print, already bundled in a small book to read, to treasure. A few little changes, and now the waiting is for the official book to arrive. That will be soon.

Poetry of Horses a small bundle filled with love for the horses, donkey.

Poetry of Horses by Aline van Wijk

Poetry of Horses by Aline van Wijk

Softcover, A5 format, 72 pages, full colour. A bundle of joy..
Price 12,50 euro’s. (That is without the shipping costs.)
How to order? Just fill in the form beneath.

Horses & Sand..

It’s that time of the year again.. Living on sandy grounds, so when season arrived when grass stop growing it is time to keep our eyes open with more care. Sand in horses you don’t want that. Although there are horses that have no problems with that, many horses will have problems with it. What to do when season arrived..? One of the things to do is check the manure regular. Pick up some fresh manure with a plastic sack put some water with it, mix it so the manure will fall apart and watch the sand sink to bottom. Do this regular, sometimes one poop got less and the poop next to that is filled with sand..


The manure check.. this one was from Bolien. She’s on extra care these days. Besides the vision of the sand she also was a little less active.. on touching her belly leg kicked.. When horse still eats proper, intestines make sounds, no fever, manure comes out.. preventive solutions are fed.. When it comes to the part that the horse stop eating or given other signs of colic, horse vet is called directly..!!

Besides the checking out the manure regular, it is also needed to keep an eye on the horse. Is the horse a little more down, not active enough. Touch the belly beneath, how does the horse response? The manure, is it regular & normal proporties? No watery manure? Is there sound to hear in the intestines? All the little signs count too you know.. The sooner the better signals are seen, preventive solutions can be made. Don’t forget to inform your vet!! Sand in horses is a serious issue. When it turns out in sand colic, that you just don’t want..

This season for me it’s time to give them preventive once a month a 6 days treatment with psyllium seed (before feeding they need a few hours soaking in water, they swallow up 5 times size), or even more when needed. When sand found like to see in the image above extra solutions are extra oil over the food, a portion extra wet slobber  (The slobber made with a little more water then usual. Suggested by the vet, he once checked the slobber I made, he wanted it to be more “slobber”..). And keep a good eye on how much they drink. They do need to drink enough.

psyllium seed soaked in water..

psyllium seed soaked in water..



Horse talk.

Recently I visit a stable where also some of the Dutch top riders have the home for their horses. While getting a tour through the stables, the person very dear to me told me; there are the top riders in area, you might not want to see that I know your point of view. I spoke the words: “yes, I want to see it. I will keep my mouth shut, and keep my camera in my pocket.” So we went to that area (public area!!), and I watched them ride for a moment.

No good. Just no good. Rollkur all over the place. The nose of the Horse all the way with reins tight to the chest. With pain I watched, observed the horses walking around with the attitude humans on their back. Wondering why those humans were thinking that this is okay?? What happened to their riding skills?? If this is our Dutch top riding style, my o my, then I am ashamed to be Dutch. The horses.., no pride allowed, the only pride I spotted was by the big attitude from the humans on their back. Where are the old days when behind the vertical was wrong.., rather keep horses nose a bit in front of the vertical then behind. Behind was/is! wrong. Do they realize that already too many horses lost their inner spirit with riding skills like that, don’t even mention the physical state.. Too many horses are already ridden to damage, too many “sport” horses are out of sports with heavy injuries on young age. Although I do doubt the worth sport with many horses on competition level. Mostly there is nothing sportive to find in the first place.

I watched a young woman riding a nice horse, her head just the way she had the horse head, chin sticked to the chest, then she was pulling one rein so high and with power, the other tight in one place so the horse couldn’t really move anyplace, trying to do some stretching in the neck to the left with more power than needed and no room to stretch an inch to the left in the first place.. When I looked that horse in the eye when they came by, I told my friend: “Now I want to go, this hurts.” I do feel horses pain.. The pain that horse showed me just by looking me in the eye, it was deep pain. I had seen enough.

Dilemma.. Watching that horrid riding spectacle on high level, knowing it ain’t good. I can’t stay in silence for that. But there also is that very very very dear friend who is having a home for his horses at that beautiful stable as well.. For the horses pain that I can’t deny this blog, these words are written. Out of respect for my friend dear, no names or place will be mentioned.. I only hope that one day they might see the light, and return the pride that they have stolen from the horses, that they dare to give that pride back to the horses.. and even more, that they will work on their riding skills so no rollkur is needed to get to the level they want to come. Rollkur is a huge failure in riding.. No matter what level you are riding.! We don’t need failures like that do we?? Shame on you top riders..!

Nederlands (Dutch)


Onlangs was ik op bezoek bij een stal waar ook een aantal van de Nederlandse topruiters hun paarden hebben staan. Tijdens de rondleiding door de stallen in de verte zicht op de rijhal waar ruiters aan het rijden waren, de persoon zeer dierbaar voor me zegt: Daar rijdt de top van Nederland, daar gaan we niet kijken dat wil je niet zien. Waarop ik de woorden sprak: “.. Ja, ik wil het wel zien, ik zal mijn mond houden, en m’n camera in de zak.” Dus gingen we naar dat gedeelte (openbare ruimte !!), en voor een ogenblik bekeek ik de rijstijl.

Niet goed. Gewoon niet goed. Rollkur all over the place. De neus van het Paard strakgetrokken tegen de borst. Met pijn keek ik, observerend de paarden onderdanig, de ruiters met grote ego’s dragend op hun rug. Mezelf afvragend waarom die mensen dachten dat dit is goed?? Wat is er gebeurd met hun rijvaardigheden?? Als dit onze Nederlandse top rijstijl is, mijn o my, dan ben ik diep beschaamd om Nederlandse te zijn. De paarden.. geen fierheid toegestaan, de enige trots die ik zag was te vinden in de dikke ego’s op de rug. Waar zijn de oude tijden dat achter de loodlijn was fout.. een beetje voor de loodlijn werd liever gezien dan achter de loodlijn. Achter de loodlijn was /is! fout. Zouden ze beseffen dat al te veel paarden hun innerlijke trots verloren door rijvaardigheden als dit, dan nog niet eens te vermelden de fysieke gesteldheid van het paard.. Te veel paarden zijn al “kapot” gereden, te veel “sport” paarden zijn al op jonge leeftijd weer uit de sport met zware blessures. Hoewel ik woord sport met de paarden in de sport op wedstrijdniveau betwijfel. Veelal is daar sowieso al niets sportiefs te vinden in de eerste plaats.

Ik keek naar een jonge vrouw die reed op een mooi paard, haar hoofd dragend op dezelfde manier waarop ze haar paard zijn hoofd dwong, kin strak op de borst getrokken, toen ze met veel kracht de linker teugel zo hoog en (nog) strakker trok om het paard naar links te flexen, waar ze met rechts absoluut geen ruimte gaf om dat enigszins mogelijk te maken, dus alles was strakgetrokken, hoe het paard te laten “flexen”.?? Daar was absoluut geen ruimte voor. Toen ze kort daarna met het paard dichterbij kwam en ik het paard in de ogen keek, toen zei ik tegen de vriend dierbaar: “Nu wil gaan, dit doet zeer.” Ik voelde de pijn van het paard, het was diepe pijn. Ik had genoeg gezien.

Dilemma .. Kijkende naar dat vreselijke rij-spektakel op hoog niveau, wetende dat het niet goed is. In alle liefde voor de paarden kan ik hierin niet in stilte blijven. Ik heb het gezien.., dat kan ik niet ontkennen, en daarmee kan ik dus ook niet in stilte blijven. Maar aan de andere kant is daar ook die hele, hele dierbare vriend die zijn paarden ook daar op die prachtige stal gestald heeft staan. Maar voor het leed, ja want wat ik zag is leed..!, voor de pijn van die paarden zijn mijn woorden geschreven, uit respect voor die/de paarden is dit blog. Uit respect voor m’n dierbare vriend worden hier geen namen genoemd, word de plaats delict niet genoemd. Met dit schrijven, met deze woorden kan ik alleen maar hopen dat op een dag die ruiters het licht zullen zien, dat hun rijvaardigheden zullen groeien, zodat ze zich kunnen realiseren dat ze heel die rollkur niet nodig hebben om tot het niveau te komen waarop ze zich nu bevinden. Sterker nog, zonder die kwellende rollkur zal hun niveau alleen maar kunnen stijgen. Ik hoop dat ze op een dag de trots die ze nu stelen van het paard terug durven geven aan het paard.. Rollkur is een grote fout in de rijkunst, ongeacht op welk niveau gereden. Fouten als dit hebben we absoluut niet nodig in de rijkunst!. Schaam jullie topruiters!!